It’s clear why grammar is critically important in communication. Strong writers can change minds, sway hearts, and even redirect the course of history. On the other hand, however, sometimes one tiny writing mistake can have far-reaching consequences.

Mistakes like this are common—from resumes to social media to text messages, they happen every day! That’s why CorrectEnglish, an AI-powered grammar checker for both desktop and mobile, is so useful. It’s the best way for English language learners to learn grammar online, but more than that, it’s the ideal writing assistant for anyone determined to eliminate mistakes in their work.

Whether you’re writing in a corporate, academic, or interpersonal capacity, CorrectEnglish compares your work against over 63,000 grammar rules as you type, offering visual acknowledgement of your mistakes in real time. It even includes a built-in plagiarism checker, ensuring originality from your sentence structure to your metaphors.

Small errors might be easy to ignore in a rough draft, but you can’t afford their presence in your completed writing!

Serving as both amusements and cautionary tales, here are five of the most monumental writing mistakes in recent history.


Writers have been persuading audiences throughout history. In today’s world, CorrectEnglish turns rough drafts into masterpieces. To understand the value of powerful writing, it’s helpful to know how it’s influenced history.

From politics to pop culture to sports, strong writing has the power to change the world. Great speeches have altered the course of wars. Hard-hitting journalism has turned popular opinion on its head. Great literature and cinema have inspired movements and cultural change.

Writing affects the way the world works. Its effects are well-documented in the pages of history text books. It also shapes our daily lives. Think about the media you consume every day. Movies, television shows, advertisements, the news – all begin with someone sitting down to write.

Spelling, grammar, and context errors can be disastrous if they survive the editing process. Common mistakes include “affect” versus “effect,” mistakenly squishing “every day” into “everyday,” and confusing a metaphor for a simile. Acknowledgement of grammar errors is only the first step, however—committed communicators must take steps to prevent them.

That’s why CorrectEnglish is essential for anyone who wants to communicate effectively in academic, professional, or interpersonal settings. The cutting-edge AI compares your writing to over 63,000 grammar rules in real-time as you type, highlighting errors and suggesting specific corrections.

English is frequently confusing, even when it’s a speaker’s first language.

It’s obvious why grammar is important in communication—everyone wants to be clearly understood, after all—but that doesn’t make the learning process any easier. It doesn’t help that grammatical errors can even slip into published articles, making it difficult to learn English grammar by exposure.

If you’re learning English as a second language (ESL), the road to fluency can feel so steep that it’s practically a vertical climb. That is, unless you have the proper climbing equipment.

CorrectEnglish is the perfect tool for anyone learning English as a second language. The revolutionary AI weighs your writing against over 63,000 grammar rules as you type, also checking spelling, context, word choice, and more. It even has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure authenticity and originality.

Best of all, unlike a human teacher, CorrectEnglish is available at all hours, every day, on both desktop and mobile devices. You can take your grammatical explanations with you on-the-go.

All students, regardless of grade level, benefit from a proficient understanding of English grammar. Unfortunately, the current educational system often neglects formal instruction on grammatical principles.

Educators cite varied reasons for not teaching grammar, such as:

  • Students don’t like it.
  • Kids don’t remember it.
  • The skills don’t transfer to real life.
  • Teachers don’t understand it.1

Some teachers also argue that standardized tests’ heavy focus on grammar is unwarranted and frustrating for students. “An argument against tests is not, though, an argument against the teaching of grammar.”2

Even if some consider it confusing or dull, grammar is the foundation for college readiness, clear verbal communication, career success, academic confidence, and potential secondary fluencies.

That’s why CorrectEnglish is a groundbreaking step forward for students everywhere.

Whether you’re entering the workforce, advancing in your field, or pursuing a career change, job searching is intimidating for even the most qualified candidates. Once you’ve found the ideal opportunity, there’s only one thing standing between you and the coveted job interview—your resume.

Resumes seem deceptively straightforward. Just list all of your previous career experience, right? Actually, it isn’t that simple. The modern resume demands excellence and specificity in spelling, grammar, and formatting. That’s why software like CorrectEnglish is such an asset in the resume-writing process.

Many resume mistakes in 2019 will result in your application being discarded immediately. The hiring manager can’t afford to hire someone who might publish articles with grammatical errors, for instance—so if you can’t purge them from your resume, you’ve forfeited your chance at the job.

If you want your resume to distinguish itself, these dos and don’ts are the best place to start.

Man typing.

Regardless of your chosen field, all education inevitably expects some degree of competence in writing. Whether you’re writing a straightforward essay, a dissertation, or a thesis, your instructors will judge your understanding of the previously taught material based upon the clarity of your writing.1

If you want to make the best possible impression in print, CorrectEnglish is the tool for you. The cutting-edge, AI-driven software compares your writing as you type to over 60,000 grammar rules and analyzes the paper’s organization, style, and content. The AI also identifies unclear metaphors, awkward phrasing, and more.

If you aren’t convinced that your writing needs CorrectEnglish, here are four reasons why you should change your mind.

Boy typing on mobile phone.

According to a 2015 study, around 60% of teens use social media every day, averaging two hours between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.1 That average amount of time will continue to increase as more mobile communication methods are regularly introduced.

With so much of today’s messages sent and received from a mobile phone, has grammar and spelling suffered?

Transitioning from high school to college writing is a major change. Not only are essay assignments longer, but your professors grade with more challenging requirements for an A.

Sometimes, when you’re working on the hard stuff like finding the proper research, citing your sources, and proving your thesis, the basics of good writing take a back seat.

But many qualities make up a great paper, including excellent grammar and spelling. A paper that would otherwise receive a high grade will be judged harshly by your professor if there are frequent typos, misused apostrophes, run-on sentences, or other spelling and grammar mistakes.

Fortunately, there’s a way to raise your grade by polishing your writing with a simple online grammar check. Read on to learn more.

It’s nearing the end of the marking period, and you have good grades in all of your classes except one: English composition. You can calculate math problems and pass science tests without difficulty, so why is writing such a challenge?

Unlike studying for a test, becoming a good writer is a continuous practice. You can set aside time in the library to practice writing, but with tens of thousands of grammar rules, the English language simply can’t be memorized over one, two, or even five study periods.

Knowing this doesn’t get you any closer to earning a fantastic grade in your high school English class. Luckily, one simple tool can help. Read on to learn how an instant grammar checker can boost your grades on writing assignments.

If you plan to go to a four-year college or community college, academic writing is an important skill to learn because it will help you get good grades on your written assignments.

Do you need a way to give your middle school or high school writing a boost? Don’t worry – this article isn’t going to tell you to spend extra hours studying in the library.

Read on to discover three college prep tips that will help you improve your academic writing.

So far, you’ve studied hard to be able to read and speak in English as a second language. Are you ready to take the next step and master English language writing?

Language teachers always say that the best way to learn a second language is to immerse yourself in it. That can be hard to do when you’re sitting in front of a computer or textbook.

However, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can practice your English writing wherever you go by downloading a mobile grammar checker app. Read on to learn more.

“Andrew, don’t you have that English assignment due tomorrow?”

“Yup, for my 8 a.m. class.”

Don’t you think you should stop playing with your iPhone and get to work?”

“I just finished it!”

This conversation is becoming more and more common in households and dorms across the United States. As colleges continue to integrate modern technology into their curriculums, students are quickly finding themselves relying on their phones, tablets and laptops to complete their schoolwork, do research and communicate with professors.

Taking responsibility for a company social media account can feel daunting. You’re probably used to having a supervisor approve every post, but when your company’s social media success is in your hands, your on-the-fly writing has to be polished.

Hopefully, you feel prepared for the challenge. If you’ve made it this far, you’re already an accomplished writer.

However, the English language has tens of thousands of grammar rules. With all the complexities to memorize, everyone could use a little bit of help. To excel in your field, your mindset should be one of continuous improvement.

Finding a new job takes perseverance. If writing your resume, creating cover letters, and going on interviews is causing you stress, you’re not alone. According to Inc., 73 percent of job seekers are stressed.

The fact is, you may not hear back from the first 10 or even 20 jobs you apply for. Some factors are outside of your control. Many employers look for very specific items on a resume like experience working with a certain type of software or a niche certification.

However, one factor you can control is making a positive impression with your business writing. Read on to learn how to land your next job by writing well.

Not everyone feels confident sitting down to write an essay, email, or social media post. What will others think of us if our grammar is wrong? It’s easier to look up the spelling of a word than master some 63,000 advanced grammar rules in the English language alone.

We have a tool that provides on-the-fly spelling and grammar corrections, but here’s the catch: It only works if you write!

Whether English is your native language or second language, it can be difficult to learn proper English grammar. English has many nuances that take a long time to understand.

You may have taken classes on how to use English grammar properly and learned basic grammar rules. But unless you’re a writing whiz, you probably still have more to learn.

According to Time, Americans check their smart phones an aggregated 8 billion times per day. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones on average 74 times per day. Those between the ages of 25 and 34 check their devices 50 times per day, and Americans in the 35-44 age bracket do so 35 times per day.

What if Americans’ relationships with their smartphones could be turned into a productive means of learning? With the CorrectEnglish® spell check and grammar tool for iOS keyboard, it’s possible.

No one likes to be embarrassed in front of their network by poor spelling and grammar in social media captions. Fortunately, CorrectEnglish® helps you bring your social media game up to a higher level. Proper English goes a long way in giving your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other profiles a polished appearance.

Want to know how you can portray a professional social media presence? Here are three tips to get you started:

Applying for jobs can be a stressful time. While you’re working hard to perfect your resume, craft careful cover letters, nail every interview, and send thoughtful thank you notes, the fact is that many jobs will hire another candidate. Try not to let it get you down.

Getting hired is a matter of perseverance. However, the next most important strength you should have as a job seeker is good spelling and grammar. Proper English makes a positive impression with employers. According to Inc., 73% of employers want candidates with strong writing skills.

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