Improve Your Child’s College Writing While They’re On Their Phone

“Andrew, don’t you have that English assignment due tomorrow?”

“Yup, for my 8 a.m. class.”

Don’t you think you should stop playing with your iPhone and get to work?”

“I just finished it!”

This conversation is becoming more and more common in households and dorms across the United States. As colleges continue to integrate modern technology into their curriculums, students are quickly finding themselves relying on their phones, tablets and laptops to complete their schoolwork, do research and communicate with professors.

Of course, educational applications are just one reason why young adults spend time on their phones beyond the old-fashioned purpose of calling someone. They can socialize via text, email job applications, surf the web, record podcasts, find a date, make movies, or even track their daily fitness levels.

Unfortunately, this ever-increasing ability to multitask can also be an enemy to focused, productive learning. Instead of honing in on one task or subject for a desirable length of time, students are constantly tempted to click or swipe their way to something new. Fundamental skills like writing, which are more important than ever in 2019 and beyond, are falling to the wayside at a time that our next generation of professionals needs them most.

Thankfully, there is a solution.


Transform Distraction Into Skill-Building

CorrectEnglish, the industry’s leading mobile grammar and spelling tool, is already a familiar name to many. By intelligently pointing out errors and recommended changes in everything you type, it goes way beyond simply correcting your work. Instead, it teaches you how and why to approach things differently, resulting in lessons that make each user a better writer with every bit of feedback it provides.

Imagine if the student in your life could learn better college writing skills without spending valuable time reading educational materials. Instead of extra classes or costly textbooks, they can learn right on the iOS or Android phone that they use every day. Every email, text, or tweet is a chance to improve and learn while simply living their lives.

Best of all, they will be able to write better using the outlets and applications they’ll continue to rely on throughout their adult lives.


Now’s The Time

There is no question that college writing is held to a much higher standard than what a student typically encounters throughout her childhood. Even highly skilled writers need reinforcement to maintain the skill level that makes the grade as they advance toward their degree, grad school or the workplace. Picking up a grammar rule or two in between sharing photos on Instagram and joining a Facebook group won’t get the job done. However, adding CorrectEnglish to your child’s life will turn those scattered activities into an ongoing, dependable learning opportunity.

Let’s face it: college isn’t exactly the real world just yet, but it might be the best (and final) opportunity to prepare for that inevitable transition into the professional landscape. Give your college student the gift of CorrectEnglish and help them prepare for their evolution on their time.

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