How A Mobile Grammar App Helps Your Kids Learn Writing On The Fly

Smartphones don’t have to be all games and social media scrolling. Good writing starts at a young age, so if your child is in a grade K-12 and has a smartphone, consider putting that technology to use. Learn how a mobile grammar app helps children learn to write on the fly.

Texting With Good Grammar Prepares Your Child For College Writing

If your child pleaded with you for a phone, they would have likely wanted to text with their group of friends. Texting and messenger apps are how young people stay connected to their closest friends today.

Texting is also how many families stay in touch. You might expect your child to text you if they need a ride home from a friend’s house, expect to be late coming home, or are not feeling well at school.

Using a mobile grammar app to create well-written messages is a great opportunity to work on writing skills simply by texting. When your child goes to college, proper English writing skills will be expected on every assignment. Help them start preparing in small ways today.

Think about how many texts and direct messages your child writes every week. With a mobile grammar app, your child can receive feedback on their writing in everyday conversation. Who knew that texting could help your child prepare for college writing?


EMAILING Polished Messages Helps Your Child Practice Communication Skills

One of the most important skills children can master while learning how to email properly is correct grammar. Whether children are emailing classmates to discuss an assignment, teachers to ask questions about coursework, or extracurricular coaches and instructors to confirm practice times, emails should always be professional.

You can work individually with your child on their email skills and teach them how to include a proper greeting, signature, and structure within their emails. Eventually, your child will need to learn how to write emails on their own.

Learning email skills is good college preparation. A mobile grammar app can keep your child on track by offering writing corrections on-the-fly as they type emails anywhere on their Android or iOS device.


Submitting Well-Written Assignments Improves Your Child’s Grades

Most likely, your child would write a research paper at a computer and not on their phone. However, many teachers ask their class to post short-answer responses based on assigned reading a few times per week.

This is work your child can do on their phone while they are on the bus ride home, waiting to be picked up from an afternoon activity, or other times when they’re on the go.

It’s important that your child’s writing is high quality, even when they’re doing homework on their phone. Grammar mistakes may affect your child’s grade on the assignment.

Even worse, consistently turning in work with grammar mistakes could bring down their grade in the class. A mobile grammar app ensures that your child’s writing is always clear and correctly written.



Your kids are never too young to work on becoming better writers. If your child has a smartphone, make sure they are getting the most use out of it by installing a mobile grammar app that corrects spelling and grammar errors right within the keyboard.

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