With the arrival of June, the summer breeze brings a sense of excitement and opportunity. As a job seeker, this is the ideal time to make significant strides in your job search journey. Crafting a stellar resume and cover letter is essential for standing out from the competition. By incorporating CorrectEnglish's editing tips and tools into your process, you can ensure that your application materials leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Let's dive into essential resume and cover letter editing techniques to supercharge your job search success this June.

As the warm breeze of May ushers in a fresh sense of renewal, it's the perfect time for professionals to reflect on their communication skills and make strides towards improvement. Effective communication lies at the heart of success in the business world, enabling you to convey your ideas, establish credibility, and build meaningful connections. To empower professionals in their quest for clear and impeccable communication, CorrectEnglish provides a powerful spelling and grammar check tool designed specifically for business writing. This May, let CorrectEnglish be your guide to enhancing your professional writing prowess.

As the flowers bloom and the weather brightens, April marks a season of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. For job seekers, it's the perfect time to revitalize your job search efforts and ensure that your application materials are flawless. A well-crafted resume and cover letter can open doors and make a lasting impact on potential employers. To help you stand out from the competition, CorrectEnglish presents essential proofreading tips specifically tailored to job seekers. Whether you're fine-tuning your resume or polishing your cover letter, our tools and guidance will help you achieve perfection in your job search materials.

In the world of business, effective communication is paramount. Whether you're crafting a persuasive email, preparing a report, or delivering a crucial work presentation, your words have the power to shape perceptions and drive outcomes. A single grammar error or misspelled word can undermine your credibility and hinder your professional success. To ensure that your writing always stands out for its clarity and correctness, consider integrating CorrectEnglish into your workflow. Designed specifically for professionals, CorrectEnglish is the ultimate spelling and grammar check tool that will elevate your business writing to new heights.

As a job seeker, every month counts when it comes to finding your dream job. In February, it's crucial to refine your application materials, enhance your interview skills, and optimize your overall job search strategy. A key aspect that often gets overlooked but plays a vital role in creating a positive impression is impeccable grammar and spelling. To help you ace your job search, CorrectEnglish brings you essential grammar tips tailored for job seekers. Whether you're updating your resume, crafting a compelling cover letter, or preparing for an interview, our tools and guidance will ensure that your written and spoken communication shines brightly.

Business reports are fundamental tools for communicating in a corporate setting, serving as a crucial medium for decision-making, strategic planning, and progress tracking. However, the effectiveness of these reports is not solely dependent on the data they contain; it's equally hinged on how that data is presented. This is where the importance of professional writing, specifically the use of powerful language, becomes evident.

Interviews are a crucial aspect of every job search. This pivotal encounter decides whether you'll move further in the selection process or need to dust off your resume for other opportunities. Often, it's not just your responses but also the questions you pose that leave a lasting impression. Thoughtful queries reveal your insights, interest, and commitment, setting you apart from other candidates. Moreover, they reflect your understanding of the job, the industry, and the challenges it faces. In short, asking the right questions is the secret sauce to interview success.

In the world of business, compelling communication is paramount. Whether it's a sales pitch, project proposal, or boardroom presentation, your ability to present your ideas professionally and persuasively is crucial. Among the many components that make for an impactful presentation, one that often gets overlooked is grammar. Effective business writing and professional writing are largely dependent on strong grammar skills. This article will provide valuable grammar tips to help you refine your formal writing and make your next work presentation a resounding success.

In the world of business, compelling communication is paramount. Whether it's a sales pitch, project proposal, or boardroom presentation, your ability to present your ideas professionally and persuasively is crucial. Among the many components that make for an impactful presentation, one that often gets overlooked is grammar. Effective business writing and professional writing are largely dependent on strong grammar skills. This article will provide valuable grammar tips to help you refine your formal writing and make your next work presentation a resounding success.

Fall is in the air and it’s time to get your students writing. It is important for them to work on their spelling, grammar, and writing skills now so they will be prepared for testing and essays later on in the school year. Use these 5 fall-themed writing prompts to get your students to practice their writing skills and to have fun while doing so!

Some of the most important writing you will do is in the workplace. When you need your writing to shine, CorrectEnglish has always been there to help you identify what needs fixing or changing. But in crafting an effective piece of writing, not everything is a matter of right or wrong—often, it’s about what will be clear and compelling to your reader. 

In business communication, jargon is often used to make communication more efficient, but it can also cause misunderstandings and confusion. Effective communication is all about ensuring that your message is received and understood by your audience. Avoiding jargon is one way to ensure that your message is clear and easy to understand. 

Waiting for a response from potential employers can be a daunting process for job seekers. This is particularly true when you're not receiving any feedback and you're left wondering if there's something wrong with your resume. Follow these ten tips from experts to update your resume and improve your chances of landing an interview.

You're eager to land that job you've been eyeing. It's a great match for your skills, and you're confident that you'd excel in it. You've sent out an impressive resume and cover letter, and you've aced the job interview. You leave feeling confident that you've made a great impression.

Composing an effective cover letter can be a daunting task for many job seekers. The pressure is on because often the cover letter is the sole piece that a recruiter will review. It is crucial that your cover letter is well-crafted, highlighting your accomplishments and how you can contribute to the company's success.

School is in session! Essays, tests, and written assignments are on the horizon, and it is important that your grammar and writing skills are ready. Better writing skills will lead to improved grades this semester and beyond. That’s why now is the time to improve your writing habits. Use these five tips to develop better writing habits!

If you are searching for a job, you will need to have your resume and cover letter proofread. Whether a family member, teacher, friend, or software tool is your choice – it’s essential that your application have flawless grammar and spelling.

The job market for high-paying positions is competitive, and employers are looking for well-rounded candidates. That means even if your job is in science, technology, or a trade, the quality of your writing will be compared against that of others.


Would you like to write papers that really impress your English teacher? You may have learned about techniques like “compare and contrast” which you should use in your assignments. There are many text structures like this that can make your writing more sophisticated.

CorrectEnglish has a writing help section that can teach you what you need to know about writing different types of papers. Plus, it has a multitude of templates for every type of assignment, so you can follow the templates to make sure you’re using the proper text structure.

Following these templates will help you make your point more clearly. Let’s dive deeper into how to get your main argument across in your school papers. Here are three examples of text structures CorrectEnglish can help you use to perfect your writing.


Would you like to score well on the language section of the SAT? CorrectEnglish can help! Practicing your writing and getting targeted feedback is the best way to improve your vocabulary skills.

Understanding how words are used in the context of a sentence is the key to understanding their meaning. Sometimes, we misuse words accidentally. There’s no way of knowing when we do this unless we have a trusted coach to guide us.

Have you finished all your back-to-school shopping? Hopefully, you got your favorite binders, notebooks, and super cool school supplies.

One item you don’t want to leave off your list is CorrectEnglish! CorrectEnglish helps you get better grades on your papers by checking for grammar, spelling, word choice, and more.

When all your pencils are in your pencil case and your supplies are tucked safely away in your backpack, it’s time to get in the right mind frame for starting a new school year.

Here are some tips for K-12 students. You’re going to do great!

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time for fun in the sun. But maybe you want to practice your writing while you have some extra time. Whether you’re lounging poolside or cranking up the AC, you can keep your writing fresh this summer with CorrectEnglish.

What are the benefits to practicing your writing over the summer? For a start, you won’t have to work as hard at the beginning of the school year when you get your first writing assignment. You’ll be more likely to remember all the spelling and grammar rules you need to get a good grade.

CorrectEnglish is the perfect writing mastery tool to help you fine-tune essays, book reports, research papers, and more. It helps you correct spelling and grammar on the fly, choose the best vocabulary, and ensure originality.

Ready to beat the heat with some cool writing? Read on to learn more.


At first, argumentative and persuasive writing may appear to be the same. Both are meant to influence the audience to one perspective, right? While it might appear that persuasive writing is simply another type of argumentative writing, these formats vary on a few central issues, simple as they might be.

The most significant contrasts between argumentative and persuasive writing include the motivation behind the piece, the tone of the piece, and the outcome of the piece.

CorrectEnglish can help writers distinguish between argumentative and persuasive writing with easy-to-follow writing templates and feedback on writing work. Simply choose a template, start writing, and CorrectEnglish will help you along the way.

Before you get started, here is some background on the differences between argumentative and persuasive writing.


Writing is an important life skill, but it can also be a daunting challenge, especially for students. Do you struggle with remembering the tens of thousands of grammar rules of the English language?

If you want to improve your writing, now is the perfect time to try CorrectEnglish. Here are four essential writing skills CorrectEnglish can help you master.

As the end of the school year approaches, we want to wish K-12 and college students everywhere a great summer. We hope you enjoy your time vacationing, going to camp, earning some money with a summer job, and everything else.

Make sure you keep writing! Practicing your writing skills with CorrectEnglish over the summer will help you stay sharp for back-to-school time.

Maybe you want to try your hand at a short story, or get a head-start on your essay for your summer reading. Whatever your writing goals, CorrectEnglish is here to help.

Don’t forget your sunscreen when you slide in to summer break. Your future is bright!


All the best,

The CorrectEnglish Team

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The end of the school year is approaching, and that means final report cards are on the horizon. Whether you’ve aced your classes this year or have some room for improvement, there’s no better way to slide into summer than with an A+ on your final paper.

The final paper for your class usually carries a lot of weight for your final grade. If you would like a better GPA, doing well on your final paper is important.

Did you know CorrectEnglish helps students improve their paper grades? CorrectEnglish empowers you to impress your teachers by checking for:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Originality

Want to know how you can finish the school year strong? Read on to learn more.

Every great story has a language. The English language, in particular, is rich with drama, comedy, adventure, and romance stories. From Shakespeare to The Lord of The Rings, great writing can inspire and influence. Winston Churchill said, “Writing is an adventure.”

Perhaps one of the most iconic American adventure stories is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Americans have a great love for literacy and epic journeys, which Mark Twain captured in this classic.

But did you know learning to write is an adventure? CorrectEnglish can help aspiring writers perfect their grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Even if you don’t plan on writing the next great best-selling novel, learning to write can take you to new and exciting places. Read on to learn more.


If you attend a college or university, you may be familiar with CorrectEnglish. Many higher education institutions include the writing development tool as a part of their technology package for students.

That means college and university students everywhere could benefit from CorrectEnglish. Whether English is your second language or you struggle with remembering complex spelling and grammar rules, CorrectEnglish can help.

What is the academic buzz around CorrectEnglish? This grammar and spell check tool helps students get good grades in school. Find out why colleges and universities recommend it.


It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t get the grade you want on a school paper. Sometimes, it seems like teachers can have expectations that are too hard to meet. But just because you didn’t get an A+ on your last paper doesn’t mean you can’t raise your grade on the next one.

At CorrectEnglish, we know what teachers are looking for when they score papers. Would you like to earn a fantastic grade on your next assignment? Make sure your paper meets the following requirements.

Are you looking to majorly overhaul your writing style this new year? Or maybe just spruce up your writing with a grammar check? 2021 is almost here and now is the time to write better and communicate more effectively.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways you can jumpstart your writing development!

The upcoming school year is going to present some challenges for students, parents, and teachers. While the focus remains on students learning as much as possible during the nine months that school is in session, there will be some hurdles to jump since this upcoming year will be different.

This blog discusses how writing instruction will be dramatically different this school year, and how CorrectEnglish will help.


So far, 2020 has proven to be both unfamiliar and unpredictable. As the back-to-school season quickly approaches, we are more than likely going to be faced with the same uncertainty. This school year, classrooms are going to look a bit different than it has in previous years. Whether at home, in a classroom, full time or part time, the need to maintain good grades and continue to learn is still crucial.

As a parent, getting your young learner back into an academic mindset can be challenging. This blog will discuss 3 tips to help you and them transition back into a school-focused mindset.


Going back to school in 2020 will look much different than it has in past years. Whether your child will be returning full time, attending school part time, or staying at home, you need to make sure they keep on track with their learning.

Pencils, binders, and notebooks are sure to be at the top of your back-to-school supply list. But one item you don’t want to forget is CorrectEnglish.

CorrectEnglish is an advanced continuous writing mastery program that offers corrections on your child’s writing in areas like grammar, spelling, and word choice.

Your child will learn how to perfect their writing as they type on in their computer browser or on their smart phone. CorrectEnglish offers on-the-fly writing feedback with explanations for why corrections are needed.

Students can also upload their book reports, essays, and research papers into CorrectEnglish to get a detailed analysis of their work along with a plagiarism checker to ensure all writing is original.

With traditional K-12 education being turned on its head this year, CorrectEnglish will be more important in 2020 than ever before. Learn why you’ll want to add it to your school supply shopping list.


Barbecues, sandals, and sunshine can’t come soon enough. Summer break is closer than you realize, and that means it’s time to hunker down on raising your final grade.

You may be thinking that finals are months away, but every day you wait to start working will actually work against you.

Think about how great it will feel to walk out of school on the last day knowing that you aced your classes. You’ll be able to enjoy your summer with one of the following mindsets:

  • If you’re in middle school: “I am so ready for high school.”
  • If you’re in high school: “I’m going to get into a fantastic college!”
  • If you’re in college: “My GPA is going to help me get that internship or job.”

That’s if you’re willing to put in the work. The good news is that raising your grades will be easier than you expect.

CorrectEnglish can help you perfect your school papers by editing your writing on the fly. It works on your computer’s internet browser, tablet, or smartphone to identify corrections and help you write with flawless grammar and spelling.

March is not an arbitrary deadline to start improving your grades. Time is now running out before the end of the year, and your teacher will only assign so much work for you to score higher grades on.

It will be a relief to get some momentum going. Read on to learn how you can lift your GPA this school year and enjoy your best summer yet.


The number five.

Half the battle of writing an academic paper is in knowing where to start. Will a strong metaphor capture the reader’s attention? What about a straightforward acknowledgement of the paper’s purpose?

It may be undeniably important, but why is grammar in communication so hard sometimes?

Luckily, the process of paper-writing can be broken into 5 simple steps—and CorrectEnglish can help you through all of them.

Writing is an important life skill, but it can also be a daunting challenge, especially for students.

How can you ensure an A on your next school paper? What’s the best way to stand out on a college application? How should you describe yourself when asked to provide a short bio? Why is grammar so important in communication, anyway?

CorrectEnglish is the perfect partner for facing problems like these. Powered by advanced AI, CorrectEnglish compares your writing to over 63,000 grammar rules as you type. It works as a plugin on desktop or a keyboard on mobile, so it helps you learn English grammar online every day. You’ll never miss another misspelled word or sentence fragment again.

Imagine working hard on your English paper and receiving an exemplary grade. Common sense tells us that hard work in school should always be rewarded with an A. In reality, students often overlook mistakes they aren’t aware of.

A grammar and spelling tool like CorrectEnglish checks for mistakes as you type so you can make corrections on the fly. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, CorrectEnglish is smart enough to understand over 63,000 advanced grammar rules. Try making that many grammar flashcards!

What is the ambitious student to do when they want to earn an A in their English class? First, download CorrectEnglish. Then, watch as it catches some of the common mistakes students make on school papers, such as:

  • Affect vs. effect
  • Every day vs everyday
  • Unintentional plagiarism
  • Mixed metaphors
  • Incorrect spelling

Read on to learn more about how CorrectEnglish can help you perfect your school papers.

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