What Do Teachers Look For In An A+ Paper?

It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t get the grade you want on a school paper. Sometimes, it seems like teachers can have expectations that are too hard to meet. But just because you didn’t get an A+ on your last paper doesn’t mean you can’t raise your grade on the next one.

At CorrectEnglish, we know what teachers are looking for when they score papers. Would you like to earn a fantastic grade on your next assignment? Make sure your paper meets the following requirements.

Perfect Spelling And Grammar

Spelling and grammar mistakes can bring your paper grade down. Fortunately, these are easy to fix with CorrectEnglish! CorrectEnglish checks for contextual and spelling errors, word substitutions, and 63,000 advanced grammar rules. Type your documents within the CorrectEnglish® application to get more detailed and accurate feedback than even the most advanced word processors offer.

A Strong Thesis

Think about something creative you’d like to say about the book you read or the topic you’re writing about. A thesis is the focus of your paper, so make sure it’s something you’re interested in! Write one sentence that says what your paper is about. Include your thesis in your introduction, and prove it throughout your paper.

Facts, Quotes, Or Statistics With Citations 

Research facts, quotes, or statistics to include in the body section of your paper. Include a citation after each reference and a bibliography to include at the end of your paper. Then, write a sentence or two about how each fact, quote, or statistic relates to the thesis.

 With CorrectEnglish, you can use a plagiarism detector to make sure all of your references are cited properly and every idea that isn’t cited is completely original.


Add transitions between paragraphs. Your paper should flow smoothly from one topic to the next. A transition connects two different thoughts. Transitions help to make your argument easier to understand. CorrectEnglish can help you add transitions by pointing out where sentences are confusing to follow.



Great writing is essential throughout school, your career, and many other aspects of life. Beyond proofreading, CorrectEnglish® teaches you to avoid mistakes with crystal-clear explanations on why corrections are needed. We can help you continuously improve your writing the more you write with us. To learn more, visit www.correctenglish.com.

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