5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Writing This New Year

Are you looking to majorly overhaul your writing style this new year? Or maybe just spruce up your writing with a grammar check? 2021 is almost here and now is the time to write better and communicate more effectively.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways you can jumpstart your writing development!


1) Find Your Voice

Writing is all about having something to say. By using your voice to write, you bring a unique perspective to whatever you’re writing, be it college papers or a report for your boss.

Crafting a writing voice that is exciting and professional elevates your projects and creates interest in your topic. And it can be as easy as varying your word choice to bring some personality to your writing.


2) Avoid Weak, Filler Words

There are certain words we use when we speak that just don’t translate well onto the page. They add unnecessary fluff to your writing and make your statements less authoritative. So, stop using them!

Examples: just, only, really, almost, slightly, seemed, simply, perhaps, maybe, etc.

These words will not only lengthen sentences, but also water down the actual meaning behind your sentences. Better to keep yourself short and distinct. Especially when writing with a professional mindset!

*Side note – It is also worth noting that verbs of being, such as: was, were, be, being, been, etc. should also be avoided because they make for weak and ineffective sentences.


3) Utilize Transitions

The way you move from one paragraph to the next in college papers or other written assignments dictates the flow. A paper of any length should flow smoothly with transitional phrases and sentences to move you throughout each point that you make.

Some examples of transitional phrases are:

  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Primarily
  • Likewise
  • Firstly, lastly etc.

These are just a couple of way you can smoothly introduce new topics within your writing.



The best way to develop your writing is to be prepared. When you prepare what you want to write about it, it will come more naturally and expedite the process. Good grades in school do not come from college papers that don’t have a coherent train of thought.

Writing an outline gives organization to all your thoughts, quotes, and sources you collect while preparing to write. You won’t lose focus on what your reports or college papers are about if you have an outline to reference!


5) Proofread

Proofreading is arguably the best thing you can do for all your assignments. By reading over what you have written you can give your assignment a grammar check, a spell check, and confirm that your content matches the topic of your paper.  

The best way to self-proofread is actually to give yourself some time between writing and proofing to give your eyes and brain a break from the content. Preferably a whole day.

If you don’t have that kind of time to give yourself, you can always run your paper through a proofreading program, like CorrectEnglish.


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