See What Parents Are Doing To Ensure Their Children Are Not Falling Behind During Covid

With schools shutting down left and right or further delaying opening again, students of all abilities are in danger of falling behind.

Covid-19 has given parents the added worry about their child’s writing development and overall success in school. Keep reading to learn what successful parents are doing to ensure their children are not falling behind this school year.


The first way that parents are helping their children succeed this school year is by taking on the role of cheerleader. Motivation is a major factor in the success of students.

It’s common knowledge that when you’re motivated to finish a task, you’re more likely to do it to the best of your ability. Regardless if your child is working on a spelling quiz or college papers, motivation will help them reach the finish line.

If they are encouraged by you, they are more likely to complete assignments with quality work.

Academic Review

Sometimes your child needs a bit more than just a pat on the back from Mom or Dad. Students who review class material with their parent are more likely to retain information and perform better on tests, quizzes, and essays.

ust five minutes of review a day when you get home from work (if you’re not working remotely) can help your child get good grades in school.

An Extra Set of Eyes

With the added pressure of Covid-19 on top of the already stressful school setting, your child is in need of extra help. When you’re stressed it’s easy to make grammatical and spelling errors. Give them the extra help they need to develop their writing with an extra set of eyes on all their assignments.

Whether your child is writing a three paragraph essay or prepping for college papers, the best way to eliminate these errors for good is to use a grammar and spell check. An online writing tool like CorrectEnglish could be the answer your child is looking for.

CorrectEnglish is the extra set of eyes your child’s essay or college paper needs. As an online writing tool, CorrectEnglish makes writing a breeze.

With an instant grammar check and spell check, your student can make corrections as they’re writing. In addition to the proofreading features, CorrectEnglish provides explanations for each correction so that your child becomes a better writer and a better student.

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