How Writing Instruction Will Be Different This School Year

The upcoming school year is going to present some challenges for students, parents, and teachers. While the focus remains on students learning as much as possible during the nine months that school is in session, there will be some hurdles to jump since this upcoming year will be different.

This blog discusses how writing instruction will be dramatically different this school year, and how CorrectEnglish will help.


Different Forms Of Writing Exercises

Many schools have shifted from the typical full-time schedule to either a hybrid or part-time schedule supplemented by remote learning. Students will turn in most if not all assignments digitally, and teachers will assign various forms of writing exercises. Forums, class discussion boards, and shared assignments will be more common.

Teachers and classes are relying heavily on sites like Blackboard and Canvas for turning in assignments. With CorrectEnglish's browser plugin, students get real-time feedback on their work as they type so that they can avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. 


The Need For A Spelling And Grammar Checker

With the amount of face-to-face instruction between teachers and students decreasing, the need for an advanced spelling and grammar checker like CorrectEnglish is more important than ever.

CorrectEnglish is a powerful tool that provides users with instant feedback on spelling, grammar, word choice, and more. It also provides explanations for each corrections so they can avoid making the same mistake again.


Flexibility Is Key

With the structure of classrooms being very different this year, teachers know that they will have to be flexible and ready to make changes when needed. Whether it be changes to a lesson plan or due date, flexibility is key.

CorrectEnglish provides flexibility to it users in that it's available 24/7 to check assignments, and works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If a family computer has multiple users, CorrectEnglish makes it easier for students to get their homework done and turn it in on time without errors or mistakes.

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