Why Now Is The Time To Bring Up Your Final Grade In School

Barbecues, sandals, and sunshine can’t come soon enough. Summer break is closer than you realize, and that means it’s time to hunker down on raising your final grade.

You may be thinking that finals are months away, but every day you wait to start working will actually work against you.

Think about how great it will feel to walk out of school on the last day knowing that you aced your classes. You’ll be able to enjoy your summer with one of the following mindsets:

  • If you’re in middle school: “I am so ready for high school.”
  • If you’re in high school: “I’m going to get into a fantastic college!”
  • If you’re in college: “My GPA is going to help me get that internship or job.”

That’s if you’re willing to put in the work. The good news is that raising your grades will be easier than you expect.

CorrectEnglish can help you perfect your school papers by editing your writing on the fly. It works on your computer’s internet browser, tablet, or smartphone to identify corrections and help you write with flawless grammar and spelling.

March is not an arbitrary deadline to start improving your grades. Time is now running out before the end of the year, and your teacher will only assign so much work for you to score higher grades on.

It will be a relief to get some momentum going. Read on to learn how you can lift your GPA this school year and enjoy your best summer yet.



Is it “affect” or “effect” that you should use in that sentence? And wait… acknowledgement can be spelled two ways?

Unless you compete in spelling bees, there’s a good chance you can’t spell every word you have to use in your school papers. You’ve probably even seen your teachers misspell words when they write them on the whiteboard or chalkboard in class.

Sometimes you know how to spell a difficult word but make a typo. It happens!

Teachers take points off of your papers for improper spelling. That’s because they’re trying to prepare you for your next year of education, and ultimately a career. (Did you know that 73% of employers look for candidates with great writing skills?)

Proper spelling shows you’re putting work into your papers. With CorrectEnglish, it’s easier than ever to catch spelling errors and correct them automatically as you type.

Gaining a few extra points for spelling here and there over the coming months could substantially increase your final grade. Next, let’s examine the importance of grammar.



If correct spelling will earn you a few extra points on your papers, grammar will make a whole world of difference. Writing eloquently is a sign that you have a good understanding of the English language, which makes a positive impression with readers.

Presenting the same argument in a paper with better grammar will likely earn you a higher grade because your teacher will understand it better.

Practicing good grammar also allows you to explain your facts and ideas with a firmer grasp on what you’re trying to say. For example, you’ll be able to create metaphors and use other stylistic techniques that are easily understandable with proper grammar.

CorrectEnglish instantly corrects your grammar as you write. But even better, it offers explanations for corrections so you can learn as you go.

With proper grammar on the rest of your assignments this school year, who knows how high you could lift your GPA? But there’s one more area that will need your attention, which is originality.



While it’s important to do research before writing a paper, you always want to make sure that you don’t plagiarize what you read. That means you should properly cite sources and include your own ideas in your assignments.

CorrectEnglish works as a free browser extension and tablet/smart phone app, but should you choose to purchase the paid version, you can use it as a plagiarism checker.

With CorrectEnglish, you can ensure your paper is completely original with all sources cited properly, which will prevent you from possibly failing an assignment. Since one failed paper between now and the end of the year can make or break your final grade, you’ll want to make full use of this helpful feature.


Are you ready to bring up your grades in school? If so, CorrectEnglish can help. Get CorrectEnglish today to check your papers for contextual and spelling errors, word substitutions, 63,000 advanced grammar rules, and originality. Summer is just around the corner, and you’ll want to go into it with peace of mind about your GPA. Visit www.correctenglish.com

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