How To Keep Your Writing Fresh Over The Summer

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time for fun in the sun. But maybe you want to practice your writing while you have some extra time. Whether you’re lounging poolside or cranking up the AC, you can keep your writing fresh this summer with CorrectEnglish.

What are the benefits to practicing your writing over the summer? For a start, you won’t have to work as hard at the beginning of the school year when you get your first writing assignment. You’ll be more likely to remember all the spelling and grammar rules you need to get a good grade.

CorrectEnglish is the perfect writing mastery tool to help you fine-tune essays, book reports, research papers, and more. It helps you correct spelling and grammar on the fly, choose the best vocabulary, and ensure originality.

Ready to beat the heat with some cool writing? Read on to learn more.


Practice With CorrectEnglish Templates

CorrectEnglish has a vast library of templates for every type of writing assignment. Whatever you want to work on, CorrectEnglish has you covered.

For example, if you struggled with a narrative essay last school year, you can choose that template and practice with CorrectEnglish. The template will give you all the information you need on how to organize your writing assignment, and then CorrectEnglish will show you where corrections are needed.


Cook Up Fantastic Social Media Posts

We bet you have awesome pictures of your summer break to share. When you write captions and other types of posts for social media, let CorrectEnglish help you with your grammar and spelling. Show off your writing skills and see if you get extra likes for stand-out content.


Get Started On Your College Application Essay

If you’re in high school, it’s not too early to start working on your college application essay. A stellar essay can get you into your first-choice school, even if you’re not sure you have the GPA or SAT score the school is looking for.

Writing is so important in college that a stand-out, unique, and polished application essay makes a big difference. So, why not sip a lemonade under an umbrella and get a head start rather than waiting until the last minute?

CorrectEnglish can provide the template you need to get started, and then help you correct your grammar and spelling on the fly. It will even suggest the best vocabulary to use, so you can impress admissions officers.


It will be time to go back to school in just a few weeks. So enjoy your summer! CorrectEnglish can help you transition from flip flops to a backpack if you put in just a little bit of time practicing your writing. To learn more about CorrectEnglish, visit

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