3 Back-To-School Tips For K-12 Students

Have you finished all your back-to-school shopping? Hopefully, you got your favorite binders, notebooks, and super cool school supplies.

One item you don’t want to leave off your list is CorrectEnglish! CorrectEnglish helps you get better grades on your papers by checking for grammar, spelling, word choice, and more.

When all your pencils are in your pencil case and your supplies are tucked safely away in your backpack, it’s time to get in the right mind frame for starting a new school year.

Here are some tips for K-12 students. You’re going to do great!

1. Get A Head Start On Your Summer Reading Essay

If you finished your summer reading, why not get a head start on the essay about the book? (If you haven’t finished your reading, better hurry up – quick!)

With CorrectEnglish, you can choose a template for your assignment type, detailing all the parts of the essay you will need for a good grade.

Once you’ve finished writing it, CorrectEnglish will check for grammar, spelling, word choice, and more. For example, CorrectEnglish may give you suggestions for better vocabulary words.

CorrectEnglish also has an originality detector, so you can make sure you cite quotations and other sources properly.

2. Plan To Go To Bed On Time And Wake Up Early

You don’t want to be bleary-eyed on your first day! School is going to be more challenging this year, so you will need the energy to pay attention in your classes.

Set an alarm to go to bed earlier, and then set another alarm to wake up earlier. If you want, you can ask your parents or guardian to remind you that you need to get enough sleep.

Once the school year is underway, CorrectEnglish can help you finish your homework sooner, so you’ll be able to go to bed on time.

You won’t have to stay up late revising your paper and formatting your citations because CorrectEnglish will have you covered!

3. Find A Homework Partner To Keep You Accountable

Having a homework partner makes it easier to stay on track in your classes. You and your homework partner can check in with each other every night to make sure you’ve both completed your assignments. You can also work through homework problems you’re struggling on together.

With CorrectEnglish, you can easily share documents with your homework partner. They may have suggestions such as, “I think you should use the vocabulary word CorrectEnglish recommended in this part of the paper.”

It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes. If you and your homework partner are in some of the same classes, even better!


CorrectEnglish can help you have a great school year! If your goal is to bring home better grades, writing exceptional papers is a wonderful place to start. To learn more about CorrectEnglish, visit www.correctenglish.com.


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