Fall Writing Prompts For Students

Fall is in the air and it’s time to get your students writing. It is important for them to work on their spelling, grammar, and writing skills now so they will be prepared for testing and essays later on in the school year. Use these 5 fall-themed writing prompts to get your students to practice their writing skills and to have fun while doing so!

1. Tell A Spooky Story

This one’s a classic for the fall season. Use this prompt right before Halloween to get your students in the spooky spirit.

2. What Are Your Favorite Fall Activities?

Ease your students into their writing practice with a prompt that feels like a list. This will help them from feeling stuck or uncreative.

3. I’m Thankful For…

With Thanksgiving around the corner now is the perfect time for your students to write about everything they are thankful for.

4. Why Do Leaves Fall?

Let your students be creative and have them make up a reason for why the leaves fall in autumn. It can be fantastical, or it can be scientific, they just need to write it down!

5. You Walk Through The Forest, What Do You See?

Use this prompt to bring out the creativity in your students!


Encourage your students this fall to improve their writing with these writing activities! If they’re still falling behind with their grammar and writing skills, set them up with CorrectEnglish! CorrectEnglish is a spelling and grammar tool designed to supply real-time feedback that improves writing. To learn more, visit www.correctenglish.com.

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