Give Your Social Media Writing A Boost With A Mobile Grammar Tool

Taking responsibility for a company social media account can feel daunting. You’re probably used to having a supervisor approve every post, but when your company’s social media success is in your hands, your on-the-fly writing has to be polished.

Hopefully, you feel prepared for the challenge. If you’ve made it this far, you’re already an accomplished writer.

However, the English language has tens of thousands of grammar rules. With all the complexities to memorize, everyone could use a little bit of help. To excel in your field, your mindset should be one of continuous improvement.

What if there was a way to improve your business writing without having to set up time to practice?

Of course, it’s important to work with editors on your social media writing. That doesn’t mean you can’t blend learning into your daily life, however.

Read on to learn how a mobile grammar tool can help you improve your social media writing.


A Mobile Spelling Tool Prevents Typos In Social Media Posts

Imagine a scenario where your boss asks you to send out a social media post while you’re out of the office. It may be a matter of urgent business. If you have a smart phone, you probably have a social media app connected to your company account.

It’s OK to write a business social media post on a smart phone, but spelling errors or typos would be unprofessional.

A mobile spelling tool catches spelling mistakes as you type and shows corrections above the keyboard on your phone.

By preventing spelling mistakes, the right tool helps you make a positive impression with your audience. This can prevent negative bias on your customers’ end later down the line.


A Mobile Grammar Tool Teaches Writing Rules

A mobile grammar tool works everywhere you type on your phone. If an app uses a keyboard, the mobile grammar tool will work to teach you great writing. And yes, you guessed it – that means the tool will work on any app where you send out messages on your company’s behalf.

When you’re working to improve your social media writing, you’re learning to be an exceptional writer in other areas of your life as well. The results could be as simple as using flawless grammar while you text your friends.

You may be asking yourself, does a mobile grammar tool really teach, or is it simply another form of autocorrect? The answer depends on which tool you use.

CorrectEnglish truly does teach you to become a better writer. In addition to offering corrections, it shows explanations for why a correction is needed. So, if you make a grammar mistake while texting your parent a note about how your week is going, you will see why the mistake was wrong and be able to avoid making it later when writing a social media post for your company.

Social media is an intensive field where the pressure to make a great impression is high. Give your business writing an extra edge with a fun, simple way to become a better writer. To learn more about CorrectEnglish, visit

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