How To Land Your Next Job By Improving Your Business Writing

Finding a new job takes perseverance. If writing your resume, creating cover letters, and going on interviews is causing you stress, you’re not alone. According to Inc., 73 percent of job seekers are stressed.

The fact is, you may not hear back from the first 10 or even 20 jobs you apply for. Some factors are outside of your control. Many employers look for very specific items on a resume like experience working with a certain type of software or a niche certification.

However, one factor you can control is making a positive impression with your business writing. Read on to learn how to land your next job by writing well.

Create Polished LinkedIn Messages

Researching companies and open positions should be the first step in your job search. When you get a job, you want to make sure the company is a good fit for you and the job is how you envision using your skills.

LinkedIn is not only a professional networking site, but a great research tool. You can browse open positions and read about companies in your industry and region.

If you see a company you’d like to work for, or even better, a job opening that matches your credentials, you can make a good impression with the HR manager or talent acquisition specialist. Simply reach out via a LinkedIn message and ask a few insightful questions about the company and job.

Employers value great writing skills no matter what position they’re hiring for. That can sound discouraging if writing isn’t your strength, but fortunately, there are tools out there that can help you perfect your business writing.

When you write your LinkedIn message, use an Android or iPhone writing app to correct your spelling and grammar. No matter where you are when you’re conducting your job search, the CorrectEnglish app ensures you make a positive impression by offering on-the-fly corrections above your keyboard.


Send Clear And Professional Emails

In most cases, you will have a lot of back and forth with HR managers and talent acquisition specialists during your job search. They may reach out via email as the first point of contact. You will also need to coordinate phone interviews, in-person interviews, background checks, and hopefully signing your offer letter via email.

You may not always be at your computer when an email comes through. Rather than putting off your response, you can simply respond using an email app on your phone as long as you write well.

Your future employer will want to see that you’re skilled at business writing in these exchanges because email is the primary method of communication for many companies. You will need to show that you can communicate clearly and professionally with colleagues and especially customers if your role requires it.

Use the CorrectEnglish iPhone or Android writing app to ensure your emails are free from spelling errors and grammar mistakes. You worked this hard to get the attention of your potential employer – now is the time to impress.

CorrectEnglish is a browser tool and iOS/Android app that helps to eliminate writing mistakes. To learn more about how CorrectEnglish can help you land your next job by polishing your business writing, visit

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