Get Better College Grades With An Android Or iPhone Writing App

Have you ever struggled on writing assignments in college?

Perhaps your focus is in math or science, but you need to take a writing course to meet curriculum requirements. Or, maybe you’re not used to your writing being graded based on such hard-to-meet standards.

You probably hear the same advice over and over again. Go to the tutoring center. Complete your assignments ahead of time and ask for feedback. While this is sound advice, it’s sometimes easier said than done.

Your writing class is not your only responsibility in college. You likely have a full course load in addition to jobs, sports, or extracurricular activities.

You should absolutely ask for help from your tutoring center or professor, but you also need something more to give you a competitive edge without sacrificing study time for your other classes.

What if there was a way to practice your writing skills with no extra time investment? Here’s the good news – you can improve your academic writing simply by going about your daily activities on your smart phone.

Read on to learn how you can get better college grades with an Android or iPhone writing app.


Complete Error-Free Assignments On Your Phone

You’re not the only one who’s done it – you have a short-answer assignment due at noon and a break in between a full day of classes, so you type the answer quickly on your phone and press send.

While your professor probably doesn’t care whether you type short answers on your phone or on your computer, they will notice spelling and grammar errors and mark you down for them.

Making sure your answers are written well is a surefire way to boost your grades on these assignments. That’s where an iPhone or Android writing app can help.

CorrectEnglish works everywhere you type on your phone, whether in a web browser or any other app. So, as you’re typing out your assignment, CorrectEnglish will correct any writing mistakes. You can simply make edits as you go and press send with confidence.


Learn From Writing Social Media Posts

Everyone wants to make a positive impression with their classmates on social media. However, if English isn’t your first language or you struggle to remember tens of thousands of language rules, you may occasionally make mistakes such as:

  • Spelling errors
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Incorrect tense
  • Misplaced modifiers

Not everyone will notice these, but if you carry writing mistakes over to your academic writing, your professor certainly will.

With an iPhone and Android writing app, you can accomplish two goals at once: make a great impression with your classmates and learn about tricky grammar rules so you can improve your college writing.

The CorrectEnglish iPhone and Android writing app corrects your spelling and grammar mistakes above the keyboard on your smart phone as you type. But here’s the best part – it tells you why each mistake was wrong and how to avoid making it in the future.

So, while you’re browsing Instagram and commenting on a friend’s post, you can also learn how to fix that misplaced modifier and avoid making the mistake on your next paper.

CorrectEnglish is a browser tool and iOS/Android app that helps to eliminate writing mistakes in your research papers, emails, social media posts, and more. To learn more about how CorrectEnglish can help you get better college grades, visit

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