Want To Learn English Grammar Online? Just Write!

Not everyone feels confident sitting down to write an essay, email, or social media post. What will others think of us if our grammar is wrong? It’s easier to look up the spelling of a word than master some 63,000 advanced grammar rules in the English language alone.

We have a tool that provides on-the-fly spelling and grammar corrections, but here’s the catch: It only works if you write!

“Writing to learn” is a classroom approach teachers take to help students build writing skills with short assignments. Generally, the stakes are low ¬– the writing doesn’t have to be perfect. But writing helps students process and retain information as well as become more comfortable writing.

You don’t have to be sitting in a classroom to learn through writing. Find a writing prompt online or pick a subject you’re interested in, and start typing.

Want to learn English grammar online? Here’s why you should just start writing.

You Need Feedback On Pieces You’ve Written

When you finish a writing assignment, you have the opportunity to get feedback on your thoughts. No one has ever become a good writer without critical feedback.

However, if you’re worried about your grade or giving a negative impression about your writing skills, consider an online spelling and grammar check tool to make sure your writing is technically flawless.

Collaborating Will Help You Revise Better

Many new writers hone their craft through collaboration. The CorrectEnglish® Professional tool enables you to share your work with other students and your instructor, receive comments, and return comments.

While a spelling and grammar check will make sure you don’t have any errors in your writing, all writers revise their work to improve how they communicate their ideas.

In order to share and revise, you still need to go ahead and write something first. Be confident in the fact you’re showing strong grammar and spelling skills.

Writing Requires You To Expand Your Vocabulary

The more words you have in your vocabulary, the stronger a writer you’ll be. Still, it can be tedious to study flashcards with words you’ve never used before.

Instead, try writing your thoughts down and asking yourself whether you can say what you mean a better way. It may occur to you that one or two words you’re using in your writing are not quite right.

CorrectEnglish® Professional comes with a free tool that helps you make better word choices, improving the readability of your work.

It’s Never Been Easier To Learn English Grammar Online

Have you ever heard someone say, “I learn better by doing?” That’s true for many people. If the idea of studying a textbook on English grammar gives you the shivers, just start writing online – emails, on social media, ¬anywhere in your browser – and allow CorrectEnglish® to correct you instantly on spelling and grammar mistakes.

You’ll show improvement the more you use the tool. In the meantime, all of your work will be error-free with just a bit of assistance. Who says you can’t write like a pro?

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