5 Simple Tips To Write With Proper English Grammar

Whether English is your native language or second language, it can be difficult to learn proper English grammar. English has many nuances that take a long time to understand.

You may have taken classes on how to use English grammar properly and learned basic grammar rules. But unless you’re a writing whiz, you probably still have more to learn.

Writing with correct grammar can be a huge benefit. You may impress your teachers, attract a wider audience to your blog, or even land a new job.

Good writing opens doors. Follow these five simple tips to improve your grammar use.

1. Commit To Learning

Don’t keep putting your learning off until later. Act now. You can start today by studying a grammar textbook, signing up for a class, or even doing something as simple as downloading a grammar corrector browser extension.

The point is that you have to immerse yourself in proper English grammar usage every day.

2. Read More

And by reading, we mean books, newspapers, magazine articles, and other long-form, well-written pieces.

When you read, you hear how proper English grammar sounds in your head and see it written down. This will come in helpful as you naturally begin to write with grammar rules you’re learning intuitively.

3. Write As Much As Possible

In one of our blogs, we explain how the simplest way to learn grammar is to just write. Even if you don’t think you’re a good writer, write something down and learn from your mistakes. The best writers started somewhere.

4. Have Your Work Corrected

You may not have appreciated it the last time a teacher gave you a bad grade on a writing assignment, but hopefully, they gave you some feedback on how to improve.

The good news is you don’t have to ruin your GPA, your blog readership, or your chances of landing a job with writing mistakes. By downloading the CorrectEnglish® browser extension, you can have all of your writing errors fixed instantly anywhere you write on the web.

5. Understand The Reason For Corrections

Simply knowing a mistake is wrong will not help you become a better writer. To understand proper English grammar, you need to know the reason behind corrections. CorrectEnglish® offers explanations for mistakes in nine different languages.

Understanding why corrections are needed helps you remember grammar rules better, enabling you to grow as a writer.

These five tips for writing with proper grammar are easy to implement when you have the right tools. If you want to start improving your grammar today, download the Free Forever CorrectEnglish® browser extension.


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