How An Instant Grammar Checker Boosts High School English Grades

It’s nearing the end of the marking period, and you have good grades in all of your classes except one: English composition. You can calculate math problems and pass science tests without difficulty, so why is writing such a challenge?

Unlike studying for a test, becoming a good writer is a continuous practice. You can set aside time in the library to practice writing, but with tens of thousands of grammar rules, the English language simply can’t be memorized over one, two, or even five study periods.

Knowing this doesn’t get you any closer to earning a fantastic grade in your high school English class. Luckily, one simple tool can help. Read on to learn how an instant grammar checker can boost your grades on writing assignments.

A Spelling And Grammar Tool Clarifies Your Writing

Let’s say you’re writing a paper on a novel for your English class. If you read the book and discussed it in class, the chances are high that you understand the plot and at least one or two of the themes.

If you were to pick one of those themes to form a thesis and find moments in the plot that support your idea, you would have a very well thought-out English paper.

However, you have to clearly communicate the ideas in your paper to earn a high grade. Your teacher may not understand your paper if your grammar and mechanics are off.

The hardest part about learning to write well is learning to explain your ideas in simple language everyone can understand.

An instant grammar checker will help to make sure that your vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, and grammar all work together so that your paper is crystal clear to the reader.

Not only that, but you’ll earn a higher grade when your paper is free from writing errors. As much as teachers want you to learn how to develop your ideas, they want you to understand the foundational rules of writing.


A Grammar App Helps You Learn Writing On The Go

Finally, the end of the quarter has arrived. You turned in your last paper – after you used your instant grammar checker to perfect it, of course – and you ended up boosting your grade. That’s reason to celebrate!

Whether you are headed into summer vacation or only have a short break before classes start again, it’s important to continue practicing your writing. Remember that learning to become a great writer is a continuous process.

You probably don’t want to be huddled up at your computer while your friends go to the movies, the park, or wherever you hang out when you’re not in school. If you have a smartphone, you’re in luck because you can practice your writing on the go.

We’re not suggesting you write an essay on your phone. But imagine if you were to text your best friend and a grammar app offered suggestions for how to improve your writing.

That’s exactly what CorrectEnglish does for any app on your phone with a keyboard. When turned on, CorrectEnglish identifies spelling and grammar errors on the fly. It allows you to correct your writing on social media, text messages, emails, and anywhere else you type.

Best of all, you get explanations for why a correction is needed so that you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. Your writing will be even better when your break from school ends and it’s time to write another paper.


CorrectEnglish is a browser tool and iOS/Apple app that helps to eliminate writing mistakes by checking for contextual and spelling errors, word substitutions, and 63,000 advanced grammar rules. To learn more about how it can help you boost your high school English grade, visit

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