How To Make Your Social Media Accounts Look Polished And Professional

No one likes to be embarrassed in front of their network by poor spelling and grammar in social media captions. Fortunately, CorrectEnglish® helps you bring your social media game up to a higher level. Proper English goes a long way in giving your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other profiles a polished appearance.

Want to know how you can portray a professional social media presence? Here are three tips to get you started:

1. Highlight Your Hobbies, Skills, And Interests

If you’re attending a conference, taking a class related to your profession, or working toward career advancement in other ways, social media can be a great place to highlight your drive.

But social media doesn’t always have to relate to your job. Work-life balance is increasingly important for companies and the people they hire. So, don’t be afraid to talk about your kid’s soccer game, post vacation pictures, or show your interest in fun events in your area.

Simply use your judgment about whether you would want your colleagues to see your social media activity.

2. Avoid Complaining About Current Or Past Employers

Someday, you may want to apply for another job. It’s easy for employers to find your social media accounts and make judgments about what kind of worker you are, fair or not.

If they see many complaints about past jobs, future employers will most likely think you’re being petty. They could also assume that hiring you would be inviting online criticism. While some jobs are frustrating, it’s best to save the venting for an offline forum.

To learn about what other mistakes to avoid, read this helpful blog by Rasmussen College.

3. Write With CorrectEnglish®

The rapid pace of social media gives you little opportunity to check your posts thoroughly for proper language use before they go out.

CorrectEnglish® identifies spelling, contextual, word choice, and grammar errors instantaneously as you type. Even better, CorrectEnglish® is now available as an iOS keyboard app, so you can make a positive impression wherever you take your iPhone or iPad.

Did you capture a killer vacation shot in Greece? Post it on the spot with a caption that shows off your writing skills. You can also live-tweet that NFL game on TV at your friend’s house while making sure your grammar and spelling are on point.

The best news is that CorrectEnglish® is free to try. To learn more, visit

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