Why Proper Grammar is Essential for Academic Writing

Regardless of your chosen field, all education inevitably expects some degree of competence in writing. Whether you’re writing a straightforward essay, a dissertation, or a thesis, your instructors will judge your understanding of the previously taught material based upon the clarity of your writing.1

If you want to make the best possible impression in print, CorrectEnglish is the tool for you. The cutting-edge, AI-driven software compares your writing as you type to over 60,000 grammar rules and analyzes the paper’s organization, style, and content. The AI also identifies unclear metaphors, awkward phrasing, and more.

If you aren’t convinced that your writing needs CorrectEnglish, here are four reasons why you should change your mind.

#1: Grammar Is Your First Impression

Above your ideas, your essay’s length, or even your pretty formatting, grammar is your real first impression on readers of your writing. You might have the most apt metaphor for the topic in question, but if you, for instance, confuse “affect” versus “effect,” the intended effect of your sentence might be muted altogether.

In a 2018 article, Megan Krause wrote, “Poor grammar harms your credibility and makes you look careless. In fact, four in 10 job applications are rejected due to poor grammar and spelling, according to the global communication skills company Communicaid.”2

No matter how many times you reread your own work, the odds of missing a mistake that will be obvious to others remain high.

CorrectEnglish doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get desensitized to reading the same passages multiple times, and has a broader knowledge of grammatical correctness than any human being. It’s a plagiarism checker. It’s a source of expert acknowledgement that you’re improving over time.

It’s the grammar, spelling, and structure solution that effective writing needs.

#2: Bad Writing Distracts From Good Ideas

Star Tribune provides a concise list of top 10 reasons to use proper grammar in your writing, especially if that writing is academic.3 These reasons include:

  • Grammatical errors are distracting.
  • Grammatical errors interfere with clarity.
  • Too many little errors will make you seem careless.
  • A big error will make readers think you don’t know what you’re talking about.

With CorrectEnglish, you can ensure that your unique ideas are conveyed as clearly as possible without any potential grammatical distractions.

#3: Grammar Is A Measure Of Perceived Quality

If you have poor grammar in your academic writing, a determined reader might read the whole piece anyway—but even so, they’re likely to miss the quality of your content if their attention is caught on repeated, grammatical mistakes.

Writing Forward explains, “If you’ve ever read a piece of writing that was peppered with typos and grammatical mistakes, you know how frustrating these oversights can be for a reader. They’re like bumps in the road, jarring you out of the text.”4

Don’t let avoidable errors, like incorrect spelling, take your readers’ or teachers’ focus away from the depth of your ideas.

#4: You Can’t Learn Grammar Out Of Context

Put simply, teaching grammar out of context doesn’t work.

Many a dedicated teacher or professor has attempted to remedy their students’ grammar in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, once the grammatical boot camp is over, students are likely to forget what they learned because it was all taught in a singular rush, not gradually accumulated through exposure.5

Much like learning a second language, mastering the written form of a language is easiest when knowledge is accrued over time.

CorrectEnglish is powerful not only because it improves your writing, but because it does so while you were writing in the first place. It’s not a supplementary curriculum. It’s not a crash course.

It’s a 24/7, mobile, trustworthy expert that tells you both what changes to make and why those changes are necessary. CorrectEnglish works for you and with you every day to make improvement that you can maintain.

To learn more about how CorrectEnglish can polish your academic writing, visit www.correctenglish.com.

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