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Being able to write and communicate clearly is an essential skill to master. CorrectEnglish is the perfect tool for anyone who wants (or needs) to write in English—students, professionals, and job applicants, just to name a few.

Developed by the company that evaluates writing for college placement, college admissions, corporate hiring, and corporate promotions, CorrectEnglish will help you significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing. CorrectEnglish, a cloud-based product, provides you with the instruction and support you need to become more confident and skilled at writing.

Our customers use CorrectEnglish to write novels, screenplays, theses, cover letters, grant applications, research reports, you name it. We want to help you achieve your life dreams too.


Instant Proofreading

Check your writing against more than 6,500 unique grammar, mechanics, and usage rules. And our team of computational linguists is always adding more. CorrectEnglish has been rated the most accurate online grammar checker year after year.

Support for International & Multilingual Writers

Need help understanding your English grammar mistakes? Learning the rules of English grammar is hard. It can be even harder for non-native English speakers. CorrectEnglish lets you learn in your own language, removing the initial challenge of grasping the feedback. Feedback is available in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Integrated Writing Tools and Tips

Save time and money by having all the resources you need in one place. Need help getting started? Not quite sure how to format in APA or MLA style? No problem. From annotated models of different writing tasks to patented linguistic and research tools (Lexipedia and iseek), CorrectEnglish has you covered.


Enhanced Peer Review & Collaboration

Get feedback on your writing, or work with others on group writing assignments. CorrectEnglish makes it easy to interact with peers, teachers, colleagues, or anyone else you choose!

Immediate Writing Evaluation

Receive feedback on the overall quality of your writing and the following key traits: focus, organization, content, and language use. Only CorrectEnglish uses artificial intelligence to provide you with this unparalleled insight.

CiteSmart Originality Detection

Use CiteSmart, an integrated originality detection service, to check your writing and citations against billions of online documents.

CorrectEnglish is the perfect online tool to use when you write for school and business in English.

CorrectEnglish es la herramienta en línea perfecta para utilizar cuando se redacta para la escuela y los negocios en inglés. ¡Le brinda comentarios en español para que pueda mejorar su redacción!

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